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Love Cambridge Membership

Membership of Love Cambridge is open to organisations and businesses within the city who are committed to working to help Cambridge build on its strengths and respond to its challenges through a culture of effective partnership working.

Why become a Member?

Becoming a member of Love Cambridge is free and it ensures your business / organisation is involved in developing a shared vision for Cambridge. Love Cambridge members will actively contribute towards the business plan, shaping and defining the projects, which are delivered by this new dynamic organisation.

As a member of Love Cambridge you will be invited to our quarterly members meetings and also are eligible to attend any of the 6 project group meetings tasked with delivering specific projects under thematic headings.

Quite simply if you want to make a difference then join Love Cambridge and ensure your views are heard and that you are part of delivering real benefits to the city. Above all the aim of the Partnership is to ensure Cambridge is welcoming to all who use it, that they have an experience worth having, and always leave looking forward to their next visit.

Who can become a Member?

Love Cambridge is a broad organisation seeking membership from different businesses and organisation across Cambridge.

As set out in our Articles of Association, Membership of Love Cambridge is open to:

  • any person or legal entity operating with Cambridge City centre that pays business rates to Cambridge City Council
  • any body corporate, unincorporated, partnership, trust, association or other body which in the opinion of the Directors is properly constituted and represents a significant body of persons living or trading within Cambridge City Centre;
  • any person, business or organisation who is interested in promoting the Objects of the Company and in the opinion of the Directors has the ability and status to contribute to the promotion of the Objects of the Company;
  • subject to Article 3.14 any elected member of Cambridge City Council or Cambridgeshire County Council

Types of Membership

Any applicant for membership must fall within one of the categories set out above. In most cases applicants for membership of Love Cambridge will be a business, company or other organisation, which, on becoming a member, will be represented by a key person at Love Cambridge meetings and forums. Affiliate membership is available in addition to enable further individuals co-workers, directors or executives - from member organisations to be involved. Affiliate members can access the same benefits as members except they are not eligible to Vote.

Becoming a Member?

To become a member of Love Cambridge click here to complete our online application form. Members of Love Cambridge should adhere to the Love Cambridge Members Code of Conduct and Undertaking (PDF 44KB)

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