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About Love Cambridge

Love Cambridge is the trading name for the Cambridge City Centre Partnership, a new dynamic organisation which brings together a wide range of interests, across both the public and private sectors and encourages them to work together proactively on a range of projects to improve the city.

Love Cambridge is built on the legacy of the previous informal City Centre Management Partnership, which was first set up back in 1995 and since then has been led by the City Council. The key objectives of the move to an independent organisation are to strengthen the partnership and to provide a structure which will enable all organisations involved to have a say in how the city evolves.

It is a not for profit Company, limited by Guarantee, led by a board of directors who are drawn from a wide range of interests from across the city centre. As a membership organisation, it invites active involvement from all city centre organisations who are committed to working to help Cambridge build on its strengths and respond to its challenges through a culture of effective partnership working.

Above all the aim of the partnership is to ensure that Cambridge is welcoming to all who use it, that they have an experience worth having, and always leave looking forward to their next visit.

Partnerships like Love Cambridge now exist in over 550 towns and cities in the UK. What makes these partnerships so effective is that in addition to developing a shared vision for city centres they also act as the driving force in ensuring that project delivery takes place.

Board of Directors
The role of the board is to set the long-term strategic objectives for Love Cambridge. They will be responsible for ratifying the business plan which has been developed through the members group. The board also has the legal control and is responsible for the financial management of the organisation. The board meets quarterly.

Members Group
The members group meetings will bring together all Love Cambridge members to develop and then monitor progress on the Business Plan. It is at these meetings where ideas will be shared and the business plan defined and shaped. The members meetings will also be held quarterly.

Project Groups
The project groups are the delivery arms of the company and are responsible for delivering the projects in the business plan within a given timescale and budget.

Company Structure
To view the company structure click here (PDF 10KB)

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