No more hibernating.
Staying active all winter with Dickies cold weather clothing


Lovely gardening hacks 🌿🍓

Journey North - A voyage along the coast of Greenland

They say when you’ve seen the world, there’s always Greenland. Mighty glaciers, Inuit hunters, the Northern Lights, polar bears on the kill – this is the story of my voyage around is magical ice-clad land with Quark Expeditions. Worth a watch just for the extremely cute husky puppies.

Competition: fancy winning £500 worth of photography kit?

I'm judging Urban Cottage Industries awesomenew #lettherebelight photo competition. The focus of the competition is one of my favourite outdoor photography themes – playing with light.

How to enter:

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After a new rucksack? Meet the adventurous traveller’s new best mate. The perfectly sized new Osprey Europe Fairview 40 litre rucksack, £100, is roomy enough for all your kit but still small enough to sail through airport security and to work as an excellent hiking backpack.

One a little closer to home - my outdoorsy guide to my own fair Bristol, the city of bridges and balloons (and cycling, climbing, riding, trail running and plenty more).

The outdoorsy girl's guide to Bristol

Grab your trainers and explore some of the best scenery the UK has to offer with my pick of the seven best trail runs in Britain for Red Bull Adventure

From the toughest courses to the most incredible views and the best after party, these seven events showcase the very best of Great British trail running, and they all promise to deliver mud, sweat and post-run beers.

Every woman has her Everest - in praise of small adventures.

"There’s this idea that to achieve your dreams you need to quit your job and dedicate your life to extreme adventure. But it’s also ok (more than ok) to work 9-5 and have a busy life and a dog to walk and Friday evenings in the pub and to simply make time when you can for the outdoors, for nature and for travel. This much I know – filling your life with plenty of small, happy adventures in wild places is a sure route to happiness."

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Fabulous day at Women's Adventure Expo. So many inspiring tales of adventure from epic lady explorers and loved getting to chat storytelling.

Only a few days to go until the Women's Adventure Expo returns for its third year on the 7th October 2017. The Expo in Bristol at AT-Bristol (We the Curious) with a stellar lineup of adventurous speakers, amazing workshops, exciting exhibitors and the chance to try new outdoor activities.

I'm so proud to be speaking alongside some amazing and inspiring women, including Squash Falconer Mollie Hughes - Everest NorthSide expedition 2017 Beth french Paddle Against Plastic UK A Lotus Rises The Itinerant Anna McNuff Laura Kennington Anna Blackwell and Bex Band - 'the Ordinary Adventurer'.

If you come along do come and say hi, and let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to cover in my talk.

More info and tickets here:

Ahhh October, month of leaf swishing, ghost stories and breaking out your woolly jumper collection. Anyone for easy peasy pumpkin pie (slightly less cliche than a spiced latte)?


Nifty Outdoors

A tabletop firebowl!

Build an adventure-ready first aid kit

First aid is an invaluable skill to have anywhere, but it’s especially important in the back of beyond, for treating yourself or others. Pack a soft mini kit bag for treks and travelling with my list of essentials.

Grab this beauty In The Moment for my latest column and my pick of be best travel kit ✈️❤️

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Mighty glaciers, Inuit hunters, the Northern Lights, polar bears on the kill — the story of my voyage around Greenland is now up on the Evening Standard.

Sailing around the Inner Hebrides on the tall ship Bessie Ellen

Come aboard the Bessie Ellen, one of the last of Britain’s traditional trading ketches still to sail our seas, with my video diary of our island-hopping explorations in Scotland. I've been trying to film more of my travel adventures and I do a bit of presenting in this one (and get extremely excited about puffins).

May you live all the days of your life - Jonathan Swift

Taking a little break from real life (and social media) and roadtripping around the coast of Canada.

Where shall we ✈️ today?
Nova Scotia bound.


Do Copenhagen like a local with this lovely interview with my inspiring friend Karina Kold <3

Calling all adventurous women!

I'm super excited to be speaking at this year's Women's Adventure Expo in a stellar lineup of inspiring ladies. I'll be chatting about the fine art of creating stories out of your adventures and how to get into travel writing.

Tickets available now - see you on the 7th October in Bristol!

I'm off to Base Camp Festival 2017!

If you're heading there too come and say hello and come along to my free talk on getting into adventure blogging and travel writing on Saturday at 10am.

‪S'mores are one of your five a day in Canada 🇨🇦🍫☁️‬

Edmonton Tourism

Hello from on high! Before you wonder - we climbed back up to pee 😉

Hello from on high! Before you wonder - we climbed back up to pee 😉

Come on a tour of my cliff! Camping on a portaledge last night was amazing. ⛺️🌊

‪Tonight's bedtime is going to be a little bit different! Come on over to Instagram later for cliff camping videos of all our portaledge-ing fun/abject terror ⛺️🌊

Monday mornings, Cuba style 🐠🐡🐙

7 weekend adventures for under £50

My seven pocket-friendly adventure ideas for Red Bull Adventure. Get out in the wild!

So pleased to see another happy hiker with walking boots I recommended! These are the Hanwag Lady Tatras -
comfortable, waterproof and rugged (and the colour reminds me of autumn leaves).

More kit reviews on

My health and beauty travel essentials

Goooooood morning! Want to see me pull some really weird faces and sniff Sudocrem? Watch my new video - my essential health and beauty bits and bobs for international travel. Earplugs for the win.

Women's Adventure Expo

Great info on managing your period in extreme environments (and no, it doesn't attract bears).

New review: expect a charmingly old-fashioned welcome at The Nare Hotel, serving up its own style of laid-back luxury on the Cornish coast.

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I'm so excited to be part of team Women's Adventure Expo this year. This week I've been chatting to inspiring women in the Expo tent - full tent talks coming soon!

The main event takes place on the 7th October in Bristol and I'll be speaking about adventure blogging and travel writing, alongside a stellar lineup of adventurous ladies. See you there!

Real Stories

One of the loveliest things I've ever seen. Her smile!

AD: Running up a storm in Shock Absorber UK's seriously supportive Ultimate Fly bra.


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I've got a new thing: if I'm feeling grumpy I have to make an active decision to do something about it instead of my normal approach (moaning). Hours of writing on my laptop on my own were getting me down so I've started volunteering at a local community garden. Yesterday we climbed trees for plums and dug up weeds and shovelled compost and picked massive bunches of sunflowers. Proof that a bit of mud is the best tonic. 🌻🌻🌻

Women's Adventure Expo

This girl is a hero.

My essential kit for adventure travel - The Girl Outdoors

I've been having a go at presented video! In the latest I’m talking you through my favourite bits of kit for international travel. This is the gear I always chuck in my bag wherever I’m travelling.

Let me know if you'd like to see a video on anything else about the outdoors and active travel :)

Info on all the kit featured in the video here:

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My travel guide to creative Cornwall with Seasalt Clothing

Explore Cornwall’s fishing villages, artist communities and flourishing food scene - these dreamy spots are my best-loved places to explore, sleep and eat.

Is there anything more glorious than the last of the setting sun illuminating the mountains?

This is from one of the most epic multi-day hikes I've ever taken, up to the glacier at the top of Mururata in Bolivia. 🇧🇴🏔

Happy hammock camping ⛺️. So good in summer, even if you do accidentally eat a few bugs.

Hey adventure lovers! Join me at this year’s Base Camp Festival, where I’ll be running an awesome workshop, 'Getting Started in Adventure Blogging & Travel Writing’

The festival is taking place over the 7-10 September in the Peak District and there’s a fantastic lineup of speakers, adventure activities (think hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, bushcraft) and a party in the woods with live music. See you there!

Follow my tips for wild swimming in safety next time you're planning a dip.


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Mountains are calling 🏞

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Wonderful stay in the Tuscan hills at Novanta90 (, where you can hike, forage and swim under waterfalls all in one day ❤️✈️🐛

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Jump on in this weekend - the water's lovely.

Campers, meet the awesome tent that thinks it's a treehouse ⛺️

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Happy hikes in the Tuscan hills

Timeline Photos

Okay so this is a canoe tent. NEED.