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Crampons are still easier to walk in than heels! Learning winter skills in the Cairngorms with the British Exploring Society

Green Matters

Nice way to do a little bit for the planet on your next run! 🏃‍♀️

Happy International Women’s Day!
To celebrate I’ve got two inspiring articles to share.

💪Read my interview with inspiring adventurer Elise Wortley Woman with Altitude who is following in the footsteps of legendary female explorer Alexandra David-Neél in the Indian Himalayas with an all-female team.

💪And head over to the Ordnance Survey website for lots of friendly advice on taking that first step and getting outside and thoughts from Mel Nicholls - GB Para Cyclist. Splodz Blogz and more.

I wrote a book!

I’m so happy (and a little bit nervous) to show you the cover of The Girl Outdoors, out on April 5th on Amazon and in bookshops. It’s published by Bloomsbury Publishing UK and is available to preorder now.

The Girl Outdoors is a beginner-friendly bible for all women looking for information and inspiration to get out in the great outdoors, get fit, get healthy and have fun, and covers everything from wild swimming and camping to solo travel and active sports.

There are guides to getting active outdoors, from mountain biking to climbing, surfing, kayaking and more. Planning a wild adventure? You’ll find chapters on everything from wild camping and cycle touring to holding mini festivals and scrumptious campfire recipes. Then we’re off round the world with trip-planning advice, essential kit lists and tips on long-term backpacking and working abroad. Scattered throughout are ideas for global adventures, from swimming off Scottish islands to canoe camping in Canada. Woohoo! 🚲🌲🌊🏂🌷🚣🏽‍♀️🗻🏕


Photos from The Girl Outdoors's post

Made it out for an epic ridge hike in the Beacons. There was no one in the hills but us! Turns out you can get down steep mountain sides much faster if you slide down in convoy 🎢🗻

Photos from The Girl Outdoors's post

Thinking of booking a last-minute escape to the snow? I loved laid-back, charming Le Grand-Bornand in the French Alps. Don’t be fooled by its quaint beauty, this ski village is also home to plenty of adrenaline-fuelled winter adventures.

Snowed in? No problem, build yourself an igloo instead of going to work!

Step by step instructions:

Photos from The Girl Outdoors's post

Snowed in by Storm Emma. All flights cancelled means no Scottish snowholing this weekend! I hope you’re snowy and warm where you are ❄️❄️

What to do on the coldest day of the year? Go for a solo surf. I’ve never seen snow in Cornwall before! I was pretty nervous to get in an empty sea on a deserted beach and surf on my own but it was magical. And I had good company in the end - three huge seals popped their heads up and surfed a few waves with me.

There’s no need to go far to get outdoors. I get a bit anxious when real life gets in the way of adventures but there are wild places a stone’s throw from most cities where you can get outside, breathe fresh air, hike up hills, accidentally step in cow pats and still be home in time for tea. 🐄 🌲 ☀️

I get outside a lot, but rarely on my own. I love exploring with other people, and I do think some of the happiest moments I’ve spent camping, surfing, sea swimming have all been because they were shared. BUT I’m not going to stay in on sunny days any more because there’s no-one free to play with. Yesterday I fixed my bike, cycled all the way to my favourite river swimming spot and went for a leisurely dip on my own. What I lost in good company I gained in a bit of headspace. 🚲 🏊‍♂️ 🌞

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My cliff camping story is now up on The Independent, in case you’ve been wondering how you pee when you’re harnessed to a wall above the ocean.

Try it on the Dorset coast with Young's Adventure Solutions.

It’s always better in the mountains 🗻

Ever fancied becoming a travel writer?

I'm running a workshop in Bristol on March 6th for budding outdoor adventure journalists and bloggers keen to use their writing skills to get published in newspapers, magazines and books. Come along for a chat (and wine)!

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Fancy a bracing winter's swim? Try one of my favourite places to wild swim in Britain.

Photos from The Girl Outdoors's post

Sick of the chilly weather? Plan a tropical adventure instead with my active girl’s guide to Cuba. 🇨🇺 🌴 🐠

Shimnix Films

Ever wanted to get into travel writing or outdoor blogging?

I did a little interview with the talented Jess of Shimnix Films about making your name in the world of adventure journalism. Any more questions you'd like answered, let me know!

Time Out London

A lovely reminder to just go and do what makes you happy. 🏊‍♂️🤾🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🚣🏽‍♀️

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What adventures are you planning this year? If you fancy some serious inspiration try my list of extreme(ly fun) challenges. There's cheese involved.

Photos from The Girl Outdoors's post

You know, just casually skiing off a cliff with my new bestie Gerard. In Le Grand-Bornand & France Montagnes they do not mess about. 🎿 🐦

‪A night in my favourite B&B ⛺️ 🧜‍♀️ ‬

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Where are you travelling in 2018? Might I suggest a trip to the magical Isles of Scilly?

"The easiest way to get to the Isles of Scilly is to catch a tiny, putt-putting plane from the equally tiny airport nestled at at Land’s End, where England runs out of solid ground. Once up in the air you can peer down at a tiny archipelago set in turquoise water which looks like nothing more than Neverland. The Scillies might be a short hop from Cornwall, but the way of life here makes a visit feel like stepping into another world."

Wondering what to wear on your feet in the dark bitter days of winter? I’ve been out in rain and snow testing out Sorel’s Cozy Joan snow boots from Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports. Cosy by both name and nature, they’re an easy choice for snow days and ski trips.

When you realise you're going to actually have to go in the ocean after blithely deciding a January swim was a great idea.

Ready for a year of fresh air? I'm super proud to be named one of Ordnance Survey's #GetOutside champions for 2018, along with a big gang of inspiring explorers. Lots of cake-fuelled outdoor adventures to come!


“You don’t have to be rich to travel well,” noted travel writer Eugene Fodor. Get more bang for your buck with my brilliant weekend adventures for Red Bull Adventure – they all cost under £50 each.

On fear, and how to conquer it.

Off to the Alps for a spot of skiing or board this season? You need my guide to layering up for winter sports.

I’m very excited about this one! An interview with the uber-inspiring Jen Randall Light Shed Pictures, multi award-winning filmmaker and the lady behind the lens of The Bothy Project, Operation Moffat and new, heart-plucking documentary Psycho Vertical, based on the autobiography of big wall climber Andrew Kirkpatrick.

New walking route: Chapel Porth to St Agnes, Cornwall.

This easy to follow walk (or trail run) includes all the Cornish classics – beautiful old mine shafts, wild flowers, deep blue ocean and, of course, a warm pub waiting at the end.

Heading for the white stuff in 2018? Check out my top ski and snowboard jackets, salopettes and base layers, chosen for The Independent.

Is your winter wardrobe missing a great padded mid-layer? Montane's Phoenix is warm, versatile and adventure ready.

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Ten outdoors challenges for 2018

I don’t massively subscribe to ‘new year, new you’ bollocks that gets bandied about every January but I do believe in setting myself rewarding ways to get outdoors more. These ten easy challenges are guaranteed to get you off the sofa, into your hiking boots and out in the wild this year.

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Outdoor adventures to usher in 2018. 🏊🏻‍♀️🗻❄️ Berghaus #berghausfirstfoot

‪Happy NYE! Tomorrow I'm starting 2018 in proper outdoors fashion by taking on Berghaus' #Berghausfirstfoot challenge - 10,000 steps (5 miles) of hiking on the first day of the year, followed by my traditional New Year's Day swim! ‬

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Happy Christmas! Wishing you many mince pies and country walks. 🌲

Little changes. My resolution for 2017 was to only use reusable bottles and flasks for water and coffee. Cutting out single use plastic (inspired by Paddle Against Plastic) is such an easy change to make - for once, a really simple solution to a scary problem. I've been keeping a tally and my KeepCup and Hydroflask have saved me around 100 plastic bottles and cups this year. Get one for Christmas!

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Walks in winter wonderlands. Did you get snow?


Tis the season to be jolly! And to give these lovely presents to your outdoors-mad friends and family. This year my gift guide has a bit of a beachy, country vibe to it – expect cosy woolly blankets and jumpers, fire and forest-inspired treats, practical gadgets and some very cheerful wellingtons. Happy Christmas!


Volunteering abroad? Watch this first.

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The active guide to Edmonton, Alberta

This vibrant city is more than just a great base for exploring the Rockies – it’s also an adventurous capital in its own right, full of outdoor activities to try and cosy places to eat and spend the night.

Thought for the day.

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Where are you walking this weekend? I'm aiming to include more regular walking guides including maps and directions over on The Girl Outdoors. Where would you like to see routes for?

My latest walk: Alcock Tarn, Cumbria
Hunt out a perfect, panoramic view of the Lake District on this beautiful walk in the fells above Grasmere.

Squash Falconer

We've all been there! 😴

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Where are you skiing this winter? How about swapping France or Austria for beautiful Bulgaria? Bansko is not your average ski town, and fun, friendly Snomads is definitely not your average chalet.

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New review: the beautifully crafted Mountain Light Cascade hiking boots from Danner

Screw Black Friday. Here's to blue sky, cold sea, surf your heart out Friday.

The Enjoyable Rut

Extremely proud to make this list along with some very inspiring outdoorswomen!

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Where the wild things play. A walk up Alcock Tarn after Kendal Mountain Festival.